PTC Stamford Public Schools Make-Up Days Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the PTC survey! We had 1,744 Surveys taken!

Here are the results:

Please be advised that the BOE Policy Committee did not move forward any discussion with respect to deviating from the current policy of “any additional inclement weather days will be taken from the last day of the April vacation, moving backwards”.  The BOE members heard from the SEA, ASU and PTC and all groups agreed based on surveys and a sense of their membership that taking away from the February break would be best for Students and Families.

The BOE respectfully accepted our comments and stated that a policy was already in place and no vote from the committee would be necessary with respect to taking away days from February.

There was a proposed 2013-14 calender presented that died in committee.  It is worth looking at the proposed calendar even though it not being moved forward.


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